As we begin the new year, full of new ideas and ways in which Design Thinking will be used to innovate and transform, it also gives us a chance to look back and reflect. We have collated a list of our top Design Thinking blogs from last year.

Design Thinking blogs

Transforming sales with Design Thinking

by Charles Orton-Jones

First up on our Design Thinking blogs list, involves co-founder David Kester being interviewed by Charles Orton-Jones for Raconteur’s Sales Performance Report in the Times. Here they look at Design Thinking itself and how it is beginning to innovate the world of sales.

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Top Design Thinking Events in 2020

by Mel Taylor

As interest in Design Thinking grows, so does the number of Design Thinking events. We’ve pulled together our pick of design and innovation conferences of 2020 from across the globe.

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The Election of Design Thinking

by Ben Crisp

What does Design Thinking have to do with a General Election?

More than you might expect.

This article examines the 2019 election result through a Design Thinkers lens, with a particular focus on the impact of empathy (or lack thereof) for the electorate.

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Election of Design Thinking


7 ways Design Thinking can transform your career & business

Dayle Thorpe-Clarke, the Data & Marketing Analyst at Design Thinkers Academy London, recently attended our Design Thinking Fundamentals course as a participant. Here Dayle explores 7 ways that Design Thinking can impact the working world.

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Podcast #001 – an interview with Learning Designer, Goldie Chaudhuri

by Ben Crisp

In our first ever podcast, we talk to Goldie Chaudhuri, about her experience as our Learning Designer, as well as on wider themes around design and its role in society today. You can access the full conversation via Podcast (Spotify / Apple Podcasts / Soundcloud). Also enjoy a written summary of the conversation.

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Designing to disrupt Alexa

Last year Erlend Prendergast worked as an intern for the Design Thinkers Academy London. After finishing his internship, Erlend went back to the University of Glasgow for his final year. He began working on a project looking into data privacy and digital surveillance. Here Erlend writes about the project and how it works to disrupt Amazon’s virtual assistant – Alexa.

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Designing to disrupt Amazon

Design Thinking innovating in the NHS

Kate Pound, a former delegate on our Design Thinkers Bootcamp course, talks to us about what she took from the course and how it is being used in the NHS. She highlights how embracing empathy for both staff and patients is fuelling a collaborative approach to problem solving.

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These were our favourites from 2019. We hope you enjoy and look forward to sharing more with you throughout 2020.

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