Who is worth following on social media? Well, here are a few of our favourites tweeps and why we like them. There are lots of great design thinking tweeters, but these are some tweeps that inspire us on other topics. Why not check them out…



These people are writers and strategists from Clerkenwell, where many cool creative Londoners do business. They communicate well for a living. They post top tips to improve your writing and interesting stories about how words make an impact, with a touch of humour along the way. You may know them as authors of the legendary Santa Brand Book which still makes us laugh every Christmas.

Graphic Design

Adrian Shaughnessy

Adrian is a designer, independent publisher and educator. He is co-founder of independent design publisher Unit Editions and writes regularly about graphic design. If you like things visual, look out for his regular posts on the design book of the month.


David McCandless

David creates stunning infographics and data visualisations. He has published some great books on the same, notably Information is Beautiful and Knowledge is Beautiful. They are indeed beautiful. He tweets some brilliant images to feast your eyes on and feed your mind.


Kati Price

Kati is Head of Digital at the brilliant Victoria and Albert Museum in London. She posts about museums, design, all things digital and sometimes bees. She is also a very nice and supremely clever person that some of us used to work with at the Design Council. Anyone who posts about how to avoid putting lipstick on a digital pig is worth a read we think.


Eileen Burbidge

Eileen is partner at Passion Capital which funds early-stage tech start-ups. Impressively, she appears to have multiple other roles too, such as advising the Treasury and being chair of Tech City UK. She tweets regularly and engages with others on social media about things of interest. Her ideas and strategies about work in a recent interview in Wired make for an inspiring read.


Professor Sir Carry Cooper

Cary tweets on health, wellbeing and organisational psychology and more besides. He leads a consultancy and is a Professor at Lancaster University and a Sir, no less. Impressive credentials aside, he’s always sharing interesting articles and research that anyone that works for a living might find interesting.


The DO Lectures

The good people of DO aim to encourage the doers of the world. They began by bringing people together in Wales and they’ve expanded to run talks and workshops and publish guides to share and inspire everywhere. If you need some motivation, check out their latest posts.


Dr Travis Bradberry

Dr Travis runs TalentSmart which provides emotional intelligence tests and training. Many people post inspirational quotes and tips on how to self-improve. He does this too, but his posts are better than most. Who can resist clicking on an article called ‘8 things that make smart people look bad’? And then finding there’s actually something worth reading.


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