In between training sessions at the last Design Thinkers Bootcamp, I sat with some of our coaches and recorded their thoughts on the bootcamp and the Academy. I asked them what they thought of the course and why people should join. For us, it’s a great way to introduce our coaches and share a small piece of what the training is like. Here is our first video: introducing Arne van Oosterom.

Arne is one of the founders of the Design Thinkers Academy. A mentor for several startups worldwide, he has lectured at the Management Center Innsbruck, Hogeschool Rotterdam and the Munster School for Art and Design. He is also one of the three Senior Partners & Co-Founders of the Design Thinkers Group. Arne coaches design thinking and service design, and he’s also setting up the first design thinking conference in Amsterdam. If you’re curious about the conference and how Arne started developing it, head over to his blog post on Medium.


Catherine Erneux is our Marketing & Content Manager. She graduated from the London College of Communication, with a Master in Advertising. Passionate about everything digital, she previously worked in an advertising agency and looked after online activities. Always on the hunt to discover new technologies, she’s keen to test out different approaches to help business growth.