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On top of our Design Thinking open courses, we also have a highly successful history of delivering bespoke Design Thinking training – both online and in-person. Our bespoke Design Thinking training works directly with companies, providing tailor-made courses and trainings specific for them – to drive innovation from within.

We have worked with a wide range of leading international companies, doing everything from guiding them through the basics of Design Thinking, to training teams in advanced facilitation so that they can then train up their own teams in the future. We have also developed our own innovation coaching and leadership model, co-developed by our consultancy DK&A alongside leading practitioners and academics in the fields of design, leadership and psychology. It has been used by companies including HS2 and Richemont and works to bring out leader in everyone, maximising their potential.


Look at the chart below to see the various bespoke trainings that we offer. Every training is adaptable to meet your needs.


Design Thinking Immersion

A hands-on, interactive half-day introduction to Design Thinking. We explore how its collaborative user-centred approach leads to innovation and better business.

Customer Closeness

This interactive one-day course is the perfect way to get closer to your customer. Working on a real-world challenge, involving participant interviews, you will experience a variety of Design Thinking methods to help you deeply understand your customers true needs.



Learn how to conduct ethnography and do behavioural research with end-users. This course can be tailored for the online world.


Training Trainers

Devise your own in-house curriculum and train up a team of internal design thinking champions, so they are then able to deliver Design Thinking training in-house.

It is a natural next step after the course Online Design Thinking Facilitation.

This course is commonly part of a package including Online DT training and DT facilitation, upskilling entire teams from novice to expert.

Companies that have taken our bespoke training
Companies graduated Companies graduated

On top of these individual bespoke trainings, we also work with companies to develop a full program that provides a complete, holistic Design Thinking journey. This could involve developing the core Design Thinking skills in a team, then developing their facilitation skills, and then training those as internal design thinking trainers, so that companies become independent and can lead Design Thinking from within. Get in touch to hear what kind of program is best suited for your company.

An awesome Design Thinking course. It’s not anything that I’ve experienced before and makes you think in ways you wouldn’t in an office environment. It is also fun and interactive.

Our bespoke programmes are made to deliver the best outcome for each individual company. If you want to get more insight into some of our previous bespoke programmes and trainings, have a look at the case studies below.

Case Studies
An awesome Design Thinking course. It's not anything that I’ve experienced before and makes you think in ways you wouldn’t in an office environment. It is also fun and interactive.

Arriva Rail London (ARL), operator of London Overground train services, wanted to build momentum for their internal innovation programme, Launchpad. They wanted to quickly generate fresh ideas, increase engagement among their colleagues and develop customer-centred innovation skills in their organisation.